Connecting Grassroots to Government Podcast #3: Aiden Riley Eller

Editor’s note: In September 2012, the Commons Lab hosted the Connecting Grassroots to Government for Disaster Management workshop. Over two days, we spoke with a number of event participants for a series of video podcasts covering various aspect of the proceedings. Additional installments will be posted in the coming weeks. The workshop summary report is available here.

Aiden Riley Eller, the vice president of technology and security at CoCo Communications Group in Seattle, has contributed to the development and implementation of myriad software security measures, including the security-testing service ClickToSecure Cloud.

In this podcast, Eller discusses the security challenges facing government agencies using social media and raises some of the concerns about the unintended consequences of widely sharing information via these channels.

Further, Eller makes the point that the it is very difficult for an agency to maintain a useful voice over social media if it is seen as a secondary activity. “Stale data [and] stale information . . . are very dangerous for people relying on them,” he says.

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